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23 Jan 2015 — London (Kensington)
24 Apr 2015 — London (Kensington)
18 Sep 2015 — London (Kensington)

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Course description

Everything you always wanted to know about Scrum & Agile but were too busy to ask…

We’ve put together this free Scrum/Agile session to showcase the real benefits of Agile development, project management, and product management.

This class has been tailored especially for people interested in harnessing the power of Agile, and dispels some of the myths without taking all day about it.

Join Professional Scrum Trainer Simon Reindl as he introduces and demonstrates Scrum, answers your questions, and allows you to experience it yourself.

You will learn the rules of Scrum, including the roles, events, and artefacts. You will also see that while Scrum is easy to learn, it is hard to achieve and maintain the discipline required to be successful. Be sure to attend and see if your current or next project might benefit from leveraging Scrum.

To get the most out of your time, it would be a great idea to download and read the current Scrum Guide prior to the event – please bring a copy with you!

What next?
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What people are saying about the free Agile Workshop:

“I, along with three colleagues, came on the Agile course [...] I was expecting a bit of sales pitch to be honest, but that never happened – one slide about the courses you offer is beyond reasonable.

The actual course was fantastic. I have limited Agile knowledge and this helped answer all the questions I had, in an impartial and helpful way. I learned more about Scrum that I have done in the past and heard of different frameworks that I didn’t know existed and this was all down to Simon, his approach, style and knowledge. Please pass on my thanks and I cannot recommend Framework highly enough based on this session.”
JR, Project Manager (Web Design & Digital Strategy Industry)

“I have to admit that I came away from the workshop with a very positive view on Agile (and Scrum in particular). Simon was a very interesting and engaging trainer!”
ST, Development Manager (Higher Education Industry)

What you will learn

At the end of the session you will have the confidence and understanding to begin to encourage the growth of Agile within their own organisation, and support teams in improving their processes.

  • Understanding of the Agile practices, roles, meetings and philosophy.
  • Understand how Agile values and foundations are related to the practices.
  • Get a sense of what self-organization is (and is not)
  • Understand what is required to transition to an Agile approach.

Who should attend

This workshop is appropriate for anyone curious about Agile methods including CIOs, IT Managers, Business Owners, Project Managers, Product Managers, Team Leaders, Developers, Testers, Business Analysts.


An involvement and understanding of the (business) processes involved in the delivery Software projects. We would recommend that delegates read and digest the Scrum Guide prior to attending the session.

Free Half-Day Scrum / Agile Training Workshop