Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

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Business with purpose

We have always sought to do what we can to assist purpose-driven organisations. In 2018, charitable, not-for-profit, governmental and public-owned organisations accounted for approximately 18% of our business and wherever possible we have taken into account the limited budgets typically available to them. We are happy to have provided technical training for charities and other beneficial institutions such as UNICEF, Welcome Trust, OECD, SafeLives at reduced rates.

Our aim

  • To continue to work with more social enterprises, not-for-profit and charitable organisations in 2020.
  • To set up a volunteering programme for our staff to positively impact the local community.


We will always give more weight to eco-friendly products and services over price. For example, we recently switched to a green printing company for all our course materials - such as having our notepads printed on 100% recycled paper, using a waterless process.

Furthermore, our web-hosting and energy providers utilise 100% green energy.

Our aim

To continue monitoring our supply chain for environmental impact and people, in line with our CSR ethos - and to hopefully inspire others on the way.

Our idyllic Head-Office in Wiltshire >>

In the office

We provide a healthy work environment for all our staff, focusing on:

  • Safety (psychological as well as physical)
  • Fairness, Flexibility and Freedom (fair treatment, flexible work hours, freedom of speech)
  • Discouraging single-use plastics (no disposable cups / crockery, provision of filtered water)
  • Positive recycling policy for office waste
  • Reduction of printing to an absolute minimum
  • Ergonomic working conditions
  • Well-behaved pets are very welcome!

Our aim

  • To employ staff based on ethics, skills and diversity
  • To provide staff training in all relevant soft- and technical skills, so people can thrive and grow with us
  • To provide more flexible work options in the future to reduce commuting and improve work-life balance

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