How we measure ROI

The importance of L&D after-care

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Why measure training ROI?

The impact of any L&D intervention on your business is one of the most valuable measurements. It demonstrates how successful the learning experience has been for your staff and your business - and whether the time and financial investment was worthwhile. 

Therefore, effective evaluation is a crucial part of any training course programme. According to the CIPD, activities to evaluate include:

•   Impact - On employee and financial / operational performance
•   Transfer - Where any learning has been applied directly to someone’s role and work, i.e. through performance goals
•   Engagement - How well learners are engaged with the learning; either at organisation, team or individual level

Methods such as the Kirkpatrick Model are used by some L&D professionals as a measuring blueprint and we’ve prepared an easy step-by-step PDF for you to download and share.

How we measure Training ROI

At Framework Training, we take the aftercare as seriously as we do the course itself.

We apply a streamlined and intuitive approach to training evaluation, using tailored feedback forms that have been designed in-house and powered by Typeform.

We analyse before, during and after training to provide our clients with an accurate and overall evaluation of the ROI of our services.

Our data is comprehensive, but the process is far from complicated. Feedback forms are automated in real-time, and delegates can choose to complete them while the training is still fresh in their minds or in their own time - to ensure the exercise is not rushed or treated as an afterthought.

Our clients can receive a preliminary report straight into their inbox - or a more detailed analysis within the hour - which provides managers and/or L&D professionals with an immediate insight into how the course has been received.

We’re confident that our comprehensive feedback process will either enhance your own internal evaluation methods, or save you the job altogether.

To find out more about how we evaluate our training, or to see a sample feedback form, please get in touch.

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