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The importance of L&D after-care

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Your Issues

•   Struggling to keep your best people, despite a competitive reward and benefits package? 

•   Feeling a bit disheartened that your staff seem fed up and not very engaged? 

•   Investing generously in L&D but not seeing the ROI you need to justify the cost? 

•   Feedback from previous technical training courses telling you that staff are mystified by all the technical jargon - and can’t actually apply what they’ve learnt?

Yes? Then we're here to help you.

Our solutions

Your people are your most critical asset and the way they feel, think and act will make a big difference to the long-term success of your business. 

Our practical and relevant training courses and programmes are delivered by experts. Feedback from our courses shows that our content is clear and delivery is engaging and attention grabbing.

We purposely break things down into every day language, not jargon, and use examples to help clarify the topic and bring an additional depth of understanding for the learner.

The absence of a sustainable and well-strategised L&D model can lead to:

•   High turnover - You’re losing your valued staff to competitors

•   Impact on Talent Acquisition - You’re not attracting the best talent as your L&D offering is not up to scratch or even publicised

•   Low Employee Engagement - Your staff are disengaged, demotivated and not performing to the best of their ability

•   Outdated Skills - Rapid technological change is leaving your teams lagging behind

•   Underused Skills - You’re under-utilising your best people as you’ve not tapped into their potential

At Framework Training, we can help turn negatives into positives. Our high-quality training courses and programmes can:

•   Help your staff to discover untapped skills and capabilities - or learn fresh ones

•   Give them the confidence and motivation to succeed and flourish - and transform the way they work through learning

•   Create efficiencies and save time by showing people how to apply the skills they’ve learnt as soon as they get back to work

•   Improve learner engagement

•   Help you increase business performance

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