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What to expect from a Framework Training course

  • You'll learn by doing - plenty of relevant practical exercises will keep you engaged
  • You're encouraged to ask questions and discuss your own business / project challenges with a seasoned professional
  • Learn using familiar tools - we can help you get the most out of your development environment and suggest useful additions to your armoury
  • You can share ideas with other course attendees to broaden your understanding
  • Remote training emulates the interactivity of face-to-face classroom courses - with regular breaks and flexible scheduling
  • Up-to-date course materials that support your learning
  • An intuitive feedback process to help us continually improve our training and services 
  • Bespoke / private courses that offer great flexibility and customisation options
  • Expert customer service all the way

Shorter sessions for more effective learning

Remote learning gives us the opportunity to focus on a better learning experience. We believe multiple training sessions with time in between for delegate self-study and practice are an effective way to maximise attending virtual instructor-led courses.

Flexible scheduling offers many other benefits including:

  • Managing mental fatigue
  • More time to absorb new and complex concepts
  • Reduced impact to your working week and on-going projects
  • Focus on a specific set of learning goals

Here's our guide to getting ready for remote instructor-led training.

Please do get in touch to find out how we can fit training around your practical needs.

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What makes a Framework Trainer?

Our network of instructors are carefully selected to bring real value to the classroom and help you gain the skills that you need. We vet commercial experience and require trusted references to make sure our trainers have what it takes - 

  • Genuine domain expertise
  • Relevant qualifications and / or solid real-world implementation experience
  • Strong aptitude as an educator
  • Great communication and listening skills 
  • Friendly and supportive approach
  • Only card-carrying technology lovers need apply

Are you a freelance technology expert with a passion for sharing your knowledge? We would love to hear from you!

Always forwards...

Technology doesn't hang around! To make sure you get the most relevant and up-to-date skills, our courses are constantly evolving thanks to regular content review - keeping you ahead of the curve. 

We keep a close eye on:

  • Exciting emerging tools, platforms and methodologies
  • Release updates to existing mainstay technologies
  • Security considerations and improvements 
  • Deprecated functionality and forwards compatibility to help you make the right design choices

We would love to hear from you

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