Android SDK 17 - Emulator better than ever


Google's Android dev team have released version 17 of the Android software development kit, which also brings an updated Eclipse plugin.

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Some of the key improvements and new features include:

  • 40 updates to Lint - Lint is a static checker which can be run from within Eclipse or from the command line. Lint analyses your Android projects' issues around conformity of code, security, performance, usability and accessibility, XML resources, graphics, ProGuard configuration files, source files and compiled bytecode.
  • @TargetApi - checks for Android API calls which require a version of Android higher than the minimum supported version.
  • HTML and XML - Improved Eclipse integration and reporting.
  • Eclipse and Ant build updates - strict dependence support for 3rd party Jar files, support for custom views with custom attributes in libraries, BuildConfig class.

Android Emulator

As our title suggests, one of the sexiest new features is a big update to the Android emulator - contributions to AOSP from Intel mean that the emulator now runs at near native speed on Windows and Mac OS X. Webcam support and sensor emulation has been added, and there is experimental support for Multi-Touch input using a connected Android device.

And finally...

The Support Library brings a lot of new improvements in areas such as design, layout, and notifications. For a heap more info, check out Google's Android blog post here.

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