Angular 2 hits final release version - happy Angular 2.0.0 day!

Angular 2 hits final release version - happy Angular 2.0.0 day!

Angular 2 has hopped out of the nest, taken wing, and will be soaring its way to a web, desktop or mobile app near you soon.

The Angular team at Google just announced that thanks to years of hard work and the efforts of many open source contributors, the fastest and hopefully most stable version of its JavaScript-based app development framework is ready for production. It will be interesting to see what they uptake is for new projects.

From a training perspective, we'll be continuing to offer Angular 1 training for teams needing to support existing applications (or who simply prefer to develop using a more mature framework) and also Angular 2 training for developers looking to exploit the latest features and APIs.

The Angular team have said they have a feature-packed roadmap for the further expansion of Angular 2 - according to their blog, they'll be working on:

  • Bug fixes and non-breaking features for APIs marked as stable
  • More guides and live examples specific to your use cases
  • More work on animations
  • Angular Material 2
  • Moving WebWorkers out of experimental
  • More features and more languages for Angular Universal
  • Even more speed and payload size improvements

As ever, stay tuned for more info, and please don't hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions about how we can help get your next Angular project kick-started, fill in any knowledge gaps, or maybe getting you working in a more Agile way to improve your team's product development capabilities.

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