AppForum 2012 - Android with Motorola and Framework Training


Framework Training delivering Android App training at Motorola AppForum 2012Motorola AppForum 2012 with Framework Training

We've got a very exciting event happening next week that we'd love to share with you.

We've partnered with Motorola Solutions to provide some training sessions covering Android Application Development during the Motorola AppForum 2012, running 25th - 2th September 2012 in Birmingham, UK.

The AppForum event is an annual conference provided for the Motorola Solutions developer network to provide technical information and assistance for those producing software for Motorola Solutions' innovative hand-held devices.

We are providing a series of training workshops covering the following topics:

Wed 10.50 -12.05

Android Fundamentals

Wed 13.30 - 14.45

The Network and Android Web Services

Wed 15.45 - 1700

Custom Android UI Components

Thurs 11.20 - 12.35

Android Tools and NFC

The AppForum is going to be a fantastic opportunity for developers to learn about both native Android development and Motorola Solution's RhoMobile cross-platform application development suite.

Social events such as A Taste of India mean it should also provide a relaxed and informal opportunity to meet new people and ideas within an exciting developer community.

If you're planning to attend, please come and say 'hi' to Tom and I, either at our stand in the main area, or why not join us for a drink or two once the day's formal events have finished.

Scribbled by Ian

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