Docker and Git courses now available

We've just launched 2 new courses for anyone interested in DevOps / Microservices - build lightweight services using Docker, and learn how to tame your software development projects with Git!
Docker and Git courses now available

Well the summer holidays are over and the kids are back to school. To celebrate the looming of Autumn (yeah, we celebrate that) we've just released two new courses for those who sit 'twixt the Developer and Operations camps.

Our Docker training course will teach you the benefits of deploying Microservices to lightweight containers, and how to deploy them to pretty much any platform. This can lead to benefits in the development & testing lifecycle, as well as performance and security.

Our Git training course is an intensive introduction for anyone involved in checking code in and out of this popular Version Control repository, and looks at both local and remote instances (such as Github, BitBucket etc).

Stay tuned for more new course info as the latest crop of Microsoft .NET revisions are on the way!

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