Free Agile Workshop - 30 May - Flipchart Heaven


Our thanks go to Simon for delivering another excellent introduction to Agile methodologies, and to everyone who made it to the free training session at Crowne Plaza Kensington on May 30.

The following photos are here as an aide-mémoire for the delegates who attended - if you'd like the full experience, sign up for our next free Agile / Scrum workshop!

At the start of the session, delegates were asked to put in writing their questions, concerns, and key areas of interest about how, when and why they should (or shouldn't!) implement an Agile methodology within their organisation.

Free Agile Scrum Training Course - Questions from delegates

Simon interspersed the comprehensive presentation with on-the-fly flipchart diagrams in response to questions from the audience, and to further illustrate key concepts...

Key benefits of a lean process:

Free Agile Scrum Training Course Lead Time - Cycle-Time - Maximum Flow - Minimum Waste

Diagramming the range and nature of tasks

From the simple (using known technologies) through to chaotic requirements with shifting goalposts:

Free Agile Scrum Training Course - Dealing with complexity, unknown and unclear requirements and technologies

Dealing with Culture Change

...when moving to an Agile process: "What's in it for me?"

Free Agile Scrum Training Course - Culture Change - The 5-stages - rejection to achieving the New Normal

(hint: we're aiming for the top end of the graph)

Mapping Efficiency against Time

(allowing for learning new methods, processes & technolgoies):

Free Agile Scrum Training Course - Mapping Efficiency against Time - learning new skills

Scrum Roles, Events and Artifacts:

Free Agile Scrum Training Course - Scrum Roles, Events, Artifacts, Stakeholders

All hail the Scrum of Scrums!

Free Agile Scrum Training Course - Scrum of Scrums (& Integration)

What next?

We hope the session was useful and enlightening - at the very least you now know how to use kanban for all your paper-aeroplane needs!

Don't forget we have some great courses coming up in London:

Professional Scrum Master - June 26th, London

Professional Scrum Product Owner July 3rd, London

Please let us know if you'd like any further info!

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