Free Agile Workshop - Great Feedback, Awesome Audience!


As our resident Agile Guru Simon will tell you, Scrum ain't Scrum if you don't inspect and adapt.

We've been running regular free Scrum / Agile training workshops over the last 12 months, and this September's session at the Crown Plaza was our biggest (and dare I say best) yet.

Throughout the morning, course attendees were encouraged to ask questions and air their own issues around adopting Agile / Scrum, and Simon did a great job of reassuring and explaining the steps and requirements for a successful transition to Scrum. The training session struck a perfect balance between discussion, group exercises and real-world case studies.

The audience of 30 comprised IT Directors, Project Managers, Software Developers and Quality Assurance specialists from a variety of industry sectors, including banking / finance, engineering, consultancy and software services. Some organisations were able to send groups of 2, 3 or 4 members of staff, which allowed them to get a taste for how Scrum could work for them in the real world and we saw some great dynamics emerge very early on!

The half-day training session included hands-on exercises in key areas such as dealing with understanding and prioritising Product Backlog Items and Estimation.

By the end of the workshop delegates felt they had gained a real understanding of what Agility in business really means, and the key benefits of using the Scrum framework to achieve tangible improvements in the process of bringing products to market more swiftly and at a higher quality.

We're really looking forward to the next free Agile / Scrum training session - hope to see you there!

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