Free Agile Workshop - thanks to all participants!

May's free Agile / Scrum training workshop in London was got some great feedback! Many thanks to all who took part.
Free Agile Workshop - thanks to all participants!

Last Friday's free Agile / Scrum workshop in London was great fun, with loads of great questions and input from a really engaged audience. Our good friend Don walked the audience through the ins and outs of where Agile came from, why it came about, and how it can bring huge benefits to your product development life cycleCourse attendees came from an interesting range of organisations including central government, fintech, aerospace, creative web & mobile developers, the police...we even had a project manager from a specialist yoga mat manufacturer - doesn't get much more agile than that!

The workshop blended an overview of key Agile concepts, roles (and myths) along with plenty of interactive exercises to demonstrate the benefits of empowering team members, clear communication, and exploring ways to improve processes.

Agile Estimation exercises with Planning Poker cards always provoke some interesting reactions, but the benefits soon become apparent as agreement starts to cluster around the relative values. It's fun to learn, but a genuinely useful tool for forecasting the work involved in getting product backlog items prioritised into doable Sprints.

Our next free Agile / Scrum workshop in London is happening on September 15 so register now to secure your place!

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