Horniman Hackathon - the Coral needs YOU!


Our pal Jamie informs us that the Horniman Museum and Gardens in London are hosting a very worthwhile Hackathon on 21 September.

If you've ever had a tinker with micro platforms such as the Raspberry Pi and Arduino, and fancy seeing what you can *really* do with those GPIO pins, then this is the coding event for you.

The aim of the hacking session is to develop a control system for coral research, which will authentically emulate the natural light and temperature conditions in Suva (Fiji) right in the Horniman's own aquarium system, in order to replicate the environmental cues to trigger coral spawning right here in the UK.

That's right. You'll be helping marine invertebrates find love in their local area.

Whether or not the project will involve an aquaphonic streaming playlist of Barry White's greatest hits is yet to be decided.*

If this sounds like your bag of tea, then head over to their official site and sign up!

*I made that bit up.

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