IKEA move into consumer technology

IKEA make a stylish move into consumer technology. If your house is a tangle of technology, with Scart, HDMI and audio cables cluttering your walls and floors you might find this IKEA solution is worth every kroner.

What's the biggest technological problem facing mankind? Cables.

Cables, cables, cables!

With a TV, digibox, perhaps an Xbox, a hifi and some speakers... our beautiful front rooms are quickly ruined by a tangle of black wires.

The only way is Uppleva

Thankfully those smart Swedes at IKEA have solved the problem once and for all with something they call the Uppleva: "a completely new range that integrates smart TV and sound system with furniture".

A cute, quirky video from IKEA but, judging by the response it's been getting on YouTube and beyond, they may well be on to something. According to Engadget the all-in-one TV and storage solution will be out in Autumn with prices starting at £650 and, with a wireless sub-woofer, Internet TV and lots of great design features it could be a small price to pay for a spotless tangle-free front room.

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