Managing multiple Scrum teams causing you pain? You need Scaled Professional Scrum!

29-06-2016 have developed a Scaled Professional Scrum framework that allows three to nine Scrum teams to work off a single Product Backlog.

Over the last few years Scrum has become the de facto framework for rapidly producing and releasing software. With the proper support from management and the business, it enables empowered development teams to focus on key features whilst providing a mechanism for the end-user/stakeholders to shape and guide the evolution of the product.

The practicalities of human interaction places an upper limit on the size of a Scrum team at around 9/10 members. This size limit logically places a ceiling on the volume of output a single team can generate, and running multiple Scrum teams in parallel is not always a straightforward process.

Ken Schwaber, Gunther Verheyen and the team at have developed a framework that allows the binding of between three to nine Scrum teams to work off a single Product Backlog.

The Nexus Framework has a central ‘Integration Team’ – a Scrum-of Scrums if you like – that focuses on dependencies, interoperation, and integration of code between Scrum teams.

The result can be an effective development group of up to 100 people efficiently working towards a common goal with all the inherent benefits of an Agile approach.

Like Scrum it is a malleable construct that can adapted and refined to match the needs and culture of an organisation. It’s generally considered to be less complicated and prescriptive than SAFe (another scaled-Scrum framework) and therefore perhaps easier to implement successfully. have developed a formal two-day training programme with an associated accreditation called Scaled Professional Scrum to kick-start the adoption of Nexus.

Framework Training, with our instructor Simon Reindl, is running our first London-based public Scaled Professional Scrum course which is open to bookings from any organisation or individual.

Attendees will gain maximum benefit from the training if they have a solid understanding of Scrum, either via practical experience or by attending our Professional Scrum Master course or similar training.

It promises to be a fantastic session - feedback from clients who’ve received on-site SPS courses has been excellent.

We’d like to offer you the chance to attend 18-19 July's Scaled Professional Scrum course at a heavily discounted rate of £895 + VAT (RRP £1295 + VAT) – this price includes post-course assessment and accreditation. Please call Tom or Ian on 020 3137 3920 or get in touch should you wish to take us up on this fantastic offer

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