Ay Carrumba! Microsoft gives .NET the Open Source Treatment

When Microsoft meets Open Source, the .NET Foundation appears.

Back in the summer, we were most heartened to learn of Microsoft's formal blessing of Xamarin, the custodians of the C#-alike language, Mono, which allows proper cross-platform deployment and development of .NET web apps and mobile apps across Windows Phone, iOS and Android.

Now, Microsoft has only gone and blown the bloody doors off. In a good way. Have a wander over and take a peek at the huge array of projects they're nurturing.

Here's just a taster:

  • .NET Compiler Platform ("Roslyn")
  • .NET Core 5
  • .NET Micro Framework (yep, CE lives on)
  • .NET SDK For Hadoop
  • ASP.NET Ajax Control Toolkit
  • ASP.NET MVC, Web API and Web Pages (Razor)
  • ASP.NET SignalR (we've got a SignalR training course already btw)
  • ASP.NET vNext (which we blogged about back in July)
  • Couchbase Lite for .NET
  • Entity Framework 6
  • Managed Extensibility Framework (MEF, MEF2)
  • Microsoft Azure SDK for .NET
  • Microsoft Web Protection Library
  • MVVM Light Toolkit
  • NuGet
  • Open XML SDK
  • OWIN Authentication Middleware (Katana Project)
  • Salesforce Toolkits for .NET
  • Thinktecture.IdentityServer
  • Umbraco
  • Windows Phone Toolkit
  • Xamarin (.Auth & .Mobile)

It's clear to see why Microsoft have taken the plunge as we see more and more architecture moving towards Microservices and open-source Big Data solutions. It remains to be seen whether this has any impact upon Oracle's planned release of Java 9 - and whether Java 8 can hold its own.

Naturally, we'll be keeping an eye on these projects, and if you want to get your team up to speed on any of these technologies, we would be very happy to help through hands-on custom on-site / closed courses. Get in touch for more info.

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