Molyjam 2013: Molydeux: suddenly, games!


So another Molyjam is over, and once again, a huge amount of creativity, gusto and emotion was released...nay, injected...into the world of video games.

The Molyjammers of London came together this weekend at London South Bank University, and quickly coalesced into meaningful groups of collective brain-juice interaction-realisers. There was juice everywhere.

The kind folk at LSBU loaned one of the labs at the London Resources Centre, where workstations had been laid on with licenses for Unity3D, Gamemaker and Construct 2 for the duration of the event.

The games that popped out the other end ranged from multiplayer Squirrel shooter action to an instructional game encouraging you to monetize children.

Special mention to Will Robinson and friends' "Are we there yet?" car journey simulator. Beautiful and...different.

You can check out the rest of the fruits of the labours of the love over at

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