Molyjam 2012 - London Game Jam hackday, Molydeux-style

Molyjam 2012 - March 30th to April 1 - groups of games developers around the world are getting together to hack out games on the theme of Peter Molyneux.

Update, 2 April - see the Molyjam 2012 London highlights here!

Yes, that title is written in English. Don't worry, here's a quick glossary.

  • Hackday
    A hackday (also known as a hackathon, hackfest or codefest) is what happens when you squeeze computer programmers, graphic designers, UI people, project managers, sound designers, and ninjas* into a room for a finite amount of time to collaborate intensively on developing some kind of app.
  • Game Jam
    A Game Jam is a hackday revolving around creating a video game from scratch.
  • Molyneux
    Not just any old Molyneux; Peter Molyneux. The god of god games, such as "Populous" and "Black & White".
  • Molydeux
    What if your 99 year old grandfather was a key? Would you force him to travel across the world just to open a secret door? @PeterMolydeux is the twitter account of an (exceptionally amusing) Peter Molyneux impostor.
  • Molyjam
    A Molydeux-flavoured Game Jam.
  • 2012
    Some would have you believe that this is the year of The Apocalypse, but I don't think the Olympics will be that bad.

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So what's Molyjam 2012 all about? In a nutshell, from March 30th to April 1, groups of games developers in a whole bunch of cities around the world are getting together to hack out a bunch of crazy games themed of the works of Molydeux.

Events are being held in San Francisco, New York City, Seattle, Boston, LA, Las Vegas, Orlando, Phoenix, Austin, Montreal, Toronto, Monterrey, Lexington, Melbourne, Sydney, Christchurch, Munich, Dieburg, Malmö, Lisbon, Tel Aviv, Brighton, Dundee, and of course London.

The makers of the Unity 3D games development suite are helping out by supplying dev tools to the London Molyjam, while we here at Framework Towers will be supplying some essential vitamins and minerals in the form of Pizza and refreshments.

Can't wait to see what seeds of genius emerge :)

You can find out more at

* of course, you can't actually see the ninjas.

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