Oracle announces Java EE to go Open Source

Oracle announces Java EE to go Open Source after Java EE 8

Software giant Oracle has announced plans are afoot to open Java EE to the developer community.

Oracle says Java EE 8 specifications are nearing completion, with reference implementation to be made available before the end of the summer in anticipation of the JavaOne 2017 conference.

The news has been applauded by organisations such as Red Hat, and rumour is abound as to whether Java EE will find a new home with the Apache, Linux or Eclipse Foundations.

You might find more cynical opinions about the news in hangouts like Reddit and Stackoverflow but at the very least this move will hopefully prompt some interesting innovation in enterprise application of the Java platform.

Rest assured we will keep our Java EE course syllabus up to date - let us know if we can help with any training requirements in this area!

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