Plus points for Intel's Clover Trail mobile Atom SoC


Silicon chip giant Intel have announced the specs on their latest crop of portable powerhouses.

Codenamed Clover Trail+, the latest generation of their Atom-branded System on a Chip (SoC), brings the fight to manufacturers like Qualcomm and Nvidia who largely focus on ARM-based chip architecture. But Intel's chips have the benefit of providing x86 support so full-blown Windows apps can be run - the previous generation of Clover Trail / Atom chips can be found in many Microsoft Surface devices.

These new Atom chips, dubbed Z2580, Z2560, and Z2520, will clock in at up to 2Ghz, and are fabbed at 32nm (that's really very small, which is good for power consumption and heat production).

Because it's a SoC, it fulfils more than just the role of the CPU - it delivers the grunt in the graphics department too, both 3D hardware rendering and HD video playback, and also handles radio functions with support for the latest 4G / LTE networks, so you can expect to see this underpinning the next tranche of Windows 8 devices - phones, tablets and dare I say, netbooks (are you even allowed to say netbook these days?)

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