Ubuntu for Android


Canonical, the chaps behind one of the best-known names in Linux distros, have announced at Mobile World Congress that they're bringing Ubuntu to Android, in app form.

ubuntu for android

Canonical are dubbing it "a complete Ubuntu desktop for docked Android phones" - providing a full desktop PC when your Android phone is docked with a screen and keyboard. You'll need a dual-core phone at the minimum to run this, so owners of HTC Sensations, Galaxy S IIs, and Motorola Atrix and the like should be able to get all Hipster and tell everyone they were the first to have it. Although, as an HD2 afficionado, I had Ubuntu running on a smartphone ages ago. It was just a little bit too slow to actually do much with.

So, back to the future of mobile Ubuntu, the integration with the Android service layer is touted as "tight", which should provide a smooth transition between walking, talking, and...um...working.

They haven't actually released the official thing yet - but if you're impatient, like me, you'll have a look on the market for Ubuntu Installer, and have a play with that one. If my phone still works tomorrow, I'll post some screenies...

Scribbled by Tom

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