UK Government gives Big Data a boost - Alan Turing Institute

The UK Government announced plans for the investment of £42m into the creation of the Alan Turing Instute

The UK Government is keen to make sure the United Kingdom remains a technological superpower with the announced plans for the investment of £42m into the creation of the Alan Turing Instute. One of the key aims is to spearhead research into Big Data / Data Science.

Technologies such as MapReduce, the Hadoop stack, columnar / NoSQL databases, and distributed file systems have allowed for massive accuracy and efficiency jumps in areas such as pattern recognition, trend spotting and recommendation engines. It won't be long before Big Data typically defines and encompasses data sets of Petabytes, not just Terrabytes.

Industires who are paying serious attention include high finance, scientific research, online marketing / advertising, governmental, risk management, insurance...the list goes on...

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