Unreal Engine Citadel Demo - now in a browser near you!


I was blown away by the Android Unreal Citadel demo app on the Nexus 10, so imagine my surprise when I saw that they've created an HTML5 version and it runs in Firefox!

As we understand it, it's essentially a great wad of C++ code that has been compiled to JavaScript, and it calls on under-the-hood HTML5 technologies such as WebGL, WebAudio, pointer lock, objectURL, and asm.js - but the fact is that no external plugins are required and it runs like butter on my (admitedly pretty nifty) PC.

Check the Unreal demo out here - but be warned, it may make your browser unresponsive (some people have been reporting crashes) as it is a pretty resource-intensive and hefty download.

Keep making the sexy things, Unreal!

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