Windows 10 Tech Preview - Download Now!

Windows 10 Tech Preview available now - join the Windows Insider program

Love it or not, Windows 8 created a lot of strong opinions in the tech community - it's a shame that the evidently touch-focussed OS gained so much notoriety because there's plenty of good stuff going on under the bonnet to warrant using it. Windows 8.1, from a UI point of view, attempted to address the issues.

Now it looks like Microsoft are taking a much more open approach with Windows 10 - their Windows Insider program is giving "PC Experts" a chance to give continuous feedback on the new OS while it is being developed. We approve of the subtle and refreshing humour they're injecting into the whole experience of obtaining and installing the tech preview too.If you've got a beefy machine with a spare partition, or better still one with hardware virtualisation enabled, we urge you to grab one of the Windows 10 tech preview ISO disk images and give it a whirl in VirtalBox.

If you're feeling particularly brave you could upgrade your current Windows production box, but be warned, back your stuff up before you do and don't be surprised if an update radically changes things on your desktop (or worst case breaks it entirely).

And yeah, Windows 9 ain't happening.

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