Windows Blue / 8.1 to bring back the Start button?


The Windows Start button has been an iconic and (eventually) highly intuitive UI feature in Windows since good old Windows 95 confused and confounded Windows 3.1 users back in the day. That was nearly 20 years ago...Yikes!

Its disappearance was just one of the criticisms levelled at Microsoft when the Windows 8 betas emerged, and everyone got in a bit of a flap about the Metro Modern interface.

According to The Verge, Microsoft have listened to the online *ahem* discussions...and is reportedly bringing back the Start button in the next major update for Windows 8. There is also talk of having a "Boot to deskptop" option too.

The actual functionality of the resuscitated button is also still a little moot, but either way, this is good news and should go a long way to appeasing the nay-sayers.

It's taken a bit of getting used to, but here at Framework Towers, we likes us a bit of Windows 8, it's a solid OS.

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