ActiveViam - Software Company Providing Data Analytics Solutions

Software Company ActiveViam approaches Framework Training to provide a Data Analytics and Python course, following the success of the Javascript and React training

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Established in 2005, ActiveViam is a software company with offices in New York, Paris, London and Singapore. They develop their own data analytics solutions to help organisations in finance and retail make better decisions, continually pushing the boundaries of what data analytics can do for their clients.

18 months earlier the team had successfully trained with Framework Training on JavaScript and React. This hands-on workshop gave the team a solid grounding in JavaScript fundamentals before focusing on React to help them develop bespoke solutions built upon ActiveUI, their user interface to their in-memory database and analytics platform - ActivePivot.

Principal Consultant Sam Brown said, ‘The combined technical understanding & quality of the instructor and the course design had been excellent, so it was a no brainer to re-approach Framework Training’.

The Brief

ActiveViam have been working on a new data science and Python product called atoti. The product is launching in 2020, and in order to support current and new clients using it effectively, the London office identified a need for training in Python and Data Science.

As the training course in JavaScript and React had been exactly what they needed, Sam Brown looked online to see what Framework Training were offering in this area. He noticed we had a public Python and Data Science course that closely matched their needs, so he contacted us to see if we could offer something similar to the public course, but more tailored to their requirements.

Our MD Ian Watson met up with Sam and his colleague to discuss it further and came back with a bespoke programme that would create the most impact.

ActiveViam - Software Company Providing Data Analytics Solutions

The Solution

Framework Training delivered a customised 3-day training programme in Python and Data Science to equip ActiveViam with the skills needed to develop and support customer solutions with atoti. It was run by one of our best instructors with real-world experience using these technologies.

Whilst the training was based on a 3-day course, the instructor planned and modified the programme so the team of 25 could be split across two sessions. The first was delivered Pre-Covid and in the office to team members who had basic Python knowledge. The second was delivered online, and a few weeks later, and aimed at colleagues with Java skills but no practical Python experience.

Both the in-office and remote training were extremely well received. There had been concerns about whether remote training would work as well as the in-office training, but everything ran like clockwork. The practical sessions helped attendees put their new skills into practice, while the use of Zoom breakout room for smaller group exercises in the online sessions worked particularly well. Most attendees said the pace was spot on and very interactive.

ActiveViam - Software Company Providing Data Analytics Solutions


‘Great course - exactly what we wanted, and the blend of office based and remote training, with breakout rooms for exercises, worked extremely well. Our instructor really knew his stuff and was brilliant at explaining things with easy to follow steps. The exercises were short and not too complex, so it was easy to apply our new knowledge. Much enjoyed by all!

I have already seen the team using Python in ways they could not have done before the course. Obviously, this means we are going to be able to better support our customers when atoti launches.

Although we like working with Framework Training because of the quality of their instructors, well thought through courses and reasonable rates, we really like their company ethics and the fact they are a registered BCorp. Some training companies will use any instructor that’s available, but you know with Framework Training they only work with good people.’

Sam Brown, Principal Consultant at ActiveViam

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Sam Brown, Principal Consultant

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