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Framework Training was approached by renowned scientific research centre, CERN, to deliver an ongoing programme of comprehensive Python training. Working collaboratively with CERN, we developed a hands-on solution that offers Python training across three different proficiency levels.

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Framework Training Collaborates with CERN to Deliver Comprehensive Python Training

CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research, is one of the world's largest and most respected centres for scientific research. CERN probes the fundamental structure of particles that make up everything around us, using the world's largest and most complex scientific instruments.

The Learning and Development team delivers a broad spectrum of learning solutions to CERN employees, ensuring the Centre is future-proof. They provide targeted training that aligns with CERN's missions, core values and competency requirements. The team uses the CERN Competency Model to anticipate future needs and drive performance, and technical competencies are regularly reviewed.

Business Need

CERN identified a specific technical need for Python training for scientists and developers across the organisation and initiated the process of choosing suitable providers.

During the pre-bid selection phase, CERN also requested supplier recommendations from the STFC (Science and Technology Facilities Council). STFC contacted Framework Training to ask if we would be interested in participating in the bid, and we eagerly accepted. We were thrilled to be included among the shortlisted suppliers provided by the STFC to CERN.

Recognising CERN's unique application of Python in its field, Framework Training was selected for its expertise, broad portfolio of courses and competitive pricing.

CERN was particularly pleased that our offering included courses that catered to different ability levels and targeted core skills. This is especially beneficial, considering Python is a vast subject that can branch into different areas of study.

Framework Training Collaborates with CERN to Deliver Comprehensive Python Training

The Brief

CERN needed a structured pathway and progression framework for their developers, enabling them to move from introductory to intermediate to advanced level, and customisable content. The course instructor needed to be the right fit and accommodate a group with varying skill sets, and the courses also had to be suitable for employees at CERN outside of the IT team.

CERN’s L&D team recognised that delegates preferred less theory-based courses, and so emphasised the importance of hands-on, application-based learning to encourage both active participation and internal promotion of the courses.

They found Framework Training incredibly helpful in guaranteeing that these key learning objectives would be met.

The Solution

We proposed the following solution, intended to meet the need for different proficiency levels:

  • Introduction to Programming (using Python) - course intended for people with no prior technical or programming experience.
  • Introduction to Python - course intended for technical staff who have some prior programming experience, just not with Python
  • Advanced Python - course intended for Python developers who want to learn advanced topics.

The audiences for these courses aren’t restricted to CERN’s developers. The Introduction to Programming course is open to all staff at CERN, including those in non-technical roles like administration and marketing. The more technical courses are also open to scientists and research assistants involved in experiments.

After our selection, we spoke with CERN to explore together the technical specifications and identify the target audience. We discussed the programme structure and potential outcomes and adopted a customised approach to accommodate the needs of individuals across the three levels.

CERN’s L&D team carefully assessed the suitability of the courses for potential delegates and alignment with their requirements. Once expressions of interest were received, we worked with CERN to fine-tune the course description as needed and designed it to perfectly align with business needs.

The courses are currently being delivered remotely or in person at the CERN Training Centre in Geneva, depending on the course topics. Through CERN’s training portal, attendees have the flexibility to choose from all three courses, with a selection of dates, and decide whether they prefer in-person or remote attendance. This provides multiple delivery options customised to their preferred learning styles. Currently, there seems to be a slight preference for in-person participation.

Framework Training Collaborates with CERN to Deliver Comprehensive Python Training


Collaborative Feedback Process

CERN values transparency and continuous improvement, and the L&D team is also using their internal feedback process throughout the programme to act as a pulse check.

Following each training session, they actively seek feedback on areas including course content, delivery method and the trainer’s pedagogical ability. This enables them to draw out key themes, outline concrete action points and address any potential issues immediately.

The responses are shared with Framework Training's Managing Director, Ian Watson, and optionally with the trainers. This not only ensures transparency but is also rewarding for the instructors, knowing that the participants are getting value from the sessions.

We maintain close contact with CERN throughout, responding quickly to any feedback received to ensure the training is tailored to their needs.

Course Feedback

The training is ongoing, but CERN has provided great feedback on our entire team and the programme to date.

Skilled Trainers

  • Our instructors have been praised for their excellent course content and ability to tailor their pre-planned vision to suit the needs of the delegates.
  • Their technical expertise and comprehensive responses to delegate questions have been especially appreciated.
  • Participants value their delivery skills and ability to adapt their explanations of a concept to suit all levels.

Striving for Excellence

  • CERN has praised the drive, responsiveness and flexibility that Ian shows. He is motivated to quickly find a solution that works well for CERN and to consistently deliver the very best.
  • At Framework Training, we are very proud of our B Corp status - and for CERN, this is an added plus.

Flexibility and Reliability

  • We are thrilled that CERN finds us to be responsive to feedback, dependable and committed.
  • They appreciate our open communication channels, flexibility and dedication to prioritise what is best for the delegates.
Framework Training Collaborates with CERN to Deliver Comprehensive Python Training


The training focuses on practical, application-based learning tailored to delegates’ current projects. Most individuals enter the programme with specific projects in mind and a keenness to apply their newly acquired skills. This approach allows for customisation to happen during training, rather than delegates having to wait for a prolonged period afterwards. 

In summary, our collaborative approach, bespoke solutions, and unwavering commitment to excellence have made a positive impact on CERN’s Python training initiative so far. 

CERN's feedback indicates a willingness to engage with Framework Training again for any future technical training at the Centre, and beyond Python-specific courses, if needs were to arise - and we couldn’t be happier about this!

Our special thanks to Pooja Pradeep, Programme Coordinator (Technical & Technical Management) and Maria Fiascaris (Learning and Development Deputy Group Leader) at CERN for their invaluable insights and feedback.

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