Global Energy Group: Advanced C# Training

Framework Training were approached by Global Energy Group to train two delegates in C# with differing levels of experience. Our Solution was customised Advanced C# training course so they could both successfully transfer their new skills and knowledge back to the workplace.

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Global Energy Group: Advanced C# Training

Global Energy Group is a unique energy sector services group, delivering strategic excellence across construction, maintenance and enhancement solutions. It provides services to the energy sector with headquarters in Inverness and Aberdeen.

The Business Solutions team provides IT services and solutions to its group of companies, and is headed up by Chris Smith, Business Solutions Manager.

Business Need

Global Energy Group had recently expanded their Business Solutions team with developers operating at various levels. This included Graduate Software Developers Aiden MacLeod and Henry Francis.

Chris was seeking a training provider to assist with Microsoft C# and specific web technologies. He believed some members of his team would benefit from an off-the-shelf training course, but one that was instructor-led to provide trainees with a good level of interaction and the freedom to ask questions.

After a general web search to find a suitable UK-based company, he compiled a shortlist of providers which included Framework Training. After speaking to us, Chris was pleased with our flexible approach and willingness to customise the training to meet his individual requirements - rather than simply offering a standard programme with set courses and dates - and had no hesitation in choosing us as their selected training provider.

The Brief

Global Energy Group works with C#.NET Core web technology. Chris wanted his team to learn about new developments as well as some specific advanced topics they would benefit from, as this would allow him to drop some of the more desktop-specific content that was present in our standard curriculum.

There were also some personal objectives to meet; Aiden was returning to software development and although there were similarities from his experience as a Java Developer, C#.NET as a language was relatively new to him.

Henry had been at Global Energy Group for four months, was developing in his role and needed to get to grips with the language and the company’s code base. He also wanted to progress to an advanced level, and therefore the timing of the training was perfect.

Chris had reviewed two potentially-suitable courses on our website, but was aware the trainees had varying needs and a spread of abilities and experience in using the technologies. Although he felt the Advanced C# course was the best fit for their needs, there were also some elements of the Introductory course he liked.

The Solution

Chris was pleased with our suggestion to customise elements of the Introductory and Advanced courses to meet his specific requirements, and a scoping call was arranged with the group and one of our expert instructors, Jasper, to discuss this further.

Framework Training delivered the Advanced C# training over four days to three delegates at Global Energy Group, including Aiden and Henry. The training was delivered remotely via Teams and in two blocks of two days. We were very happy to offer flexibility on dates to meet Chris's schedule, as it allowed him to stagger the time and to avoid key members of the team being away from the business for four consecutive days.

Jasper was aware of the differing levels of experience in the group, and was happy to accommodate this, allowing the trainees space and time to ask questions during the programme, and really maximise their training experience.

Global Energy Group: Advanced C# Training


Global Energy Group provided excellent feedback on the Advanced C# Training Programme.

  • Tailored content
    Chris was especially pleased with the customisation of the training and the opportuniy to adjust course content, as this created a programme that suited their needs. The training provided an opportunity for the trainees to hit the ground running and offered guided time for familiarisation with the specific technologies being used at Global Energy Group.
  • Expert instructor provided immediate support
    Chris particularly liked the coding tutorials the trainees were set, with Jasper on-hand to answer any questions and provide assistance. This reinforced his decision to invest in an instructor-led course rather than asking Aiden and Henry to undertake online training and absorb all the knowledge without support. The trainees had an expert to guide them through worked examples and illuminate any bigger issues. This created a instant ‘feedback loop’ which worked well for everyone.
  • Passionate delivery
    Aiden and Henry provided complimentary feedback about the instructor. Jasper was passionate about the topics and made sure his delivery was interesting, fun and engaging. He facilitated the workshops and tutorials remotely, but managed to replicate an in-person experience. He was patient,      and recognised that everyone had a different level of knowledge of the programming language, quickly interpreting the questions asked and providing clear responses that were easy for all to understand.
  • Hands-on and efficient practicals
    The exercises Jasper set during the training were easy to follow and he guided the trainees through databases and code; Aiden observed that this often mirrored his university learning experience which accelerated the learning experience.
  • Ability to prepare
    They both benefited from having sight of the curriculum in advance; it provided insight into the course content and was useful both for preparation and to enable a foundation of the C# language basics. 


The team at Global Energy Group has seen a positive and notable impact since the Advanced C# Training; the trainees were able to transfer the skills and knowledge learned during the training back to the workplace.

Aiden and Henry believe their personal objectives have been met, and they have seen a significant increase in their knowledge and overall coding ability, which has positively impacted their day-to-day activities.

The training has allowed them to get beneath the surface of the language. The course was set at an advanced level and with Jasper's guidance, they have learned new concepts and techniques that have made them better and faster coders. Aiden was not working on C# code prior to the training, but is now doing so with support from the team. Henry is putting the shorthand techniques and workflows that Jasper used during the course to good use, which has saved considerable time, and they are both using more efficient case statements and expressions and LINQ for new database interactions. 

Chris has observed a greater understanding and ability to use the technology and it has given his team members more confidence at work. He has heard Aiden and Henry discussing the language and using the course as a reference point. 

Chris would definitely consider Framework Training as their first port of call when looking at training needs in the second half of the year and beyond.

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