Source Group - tailored C# & ASP.NET MVC Training Programme

Rapidly upskilling developers in C# and ASP.NET for leaders in NHS Data Management, Source Group

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Source Group is a consulting agency based in High Wycombe. They are leaders in NHS data validation, supporting the NHS in achieving and maintaining accurate waiting lists and maximising their ability to provide the best possible patient care. 

They empower NHS staff and ensure their tremendous effort and contribution to our NHS is not jeopardised by inaccurate data. Source Group also provides specialist recruitment services and domiciliary care.

Source Group - tailored C# & ASP.NET MVC Training Programme

Source Group has had a live software system to support their core business for around four years. As a result of a departmental restructure, they had a gap in technical support for the live system so Ed Robbin (Head of Analytics and Delivery) needed a quick, effective technical solution to meet this critical business need. 

Ed chose Framework Training from a long list of potential training providers sourced via Google. After receiving an automated response from one provider and a ‘we don’t really do that sort of thing’ from another, Ed realised immediately that it was a ‘no-brainer’ to work with us. He was impressed by our responsiveness, flexibility and the human side to our business interactions that we demonstrated from the outset — in contrast to previous providers whose approach was very prescribed. 

The Brief

Source Group needed their two of their developers to learn a new programming language. Although they are SQL Developers with some exposure to the software, they needed academic instruction on how to use a completely new platform and practically apply the theory learnt within Source Group’s own internal systems.

The Solution

Framework Training delivered two remote training sessions delivered by .NET experts - Introduction to .NET Programming with C# with Simon and ASP.NET Core MVC Training Course with Owen and provided comprehensive supporting materials.

We were keen to be flexible to Source Group’s needs. After several conversations between Ed and Tom Walker (our Technical Director) we came up with a bespoke solution based on their own agenda. We worked with them to translate their high level training needs into a comprehensive programme. Ed described this as “worth its weight in gold. For a small company in a niche business with very specific needs, Framework Training’s ability to react to that was absolutely brilliant.”

We recommended the following approach to Ed; the delegates would spend time learning the theory first, a break would be scheduled between sessions and then they would undertake a practical implementation of the theory learnt in the second session. This was intentional, as there is a lot of technical content to get through and we wanted to avoid fatigue. 

Ed described this approach as “ music to my ears, because I’ve seen training happen before where there’s theory, and then you get left alone.” 

He was particularly complimentary of the supporting materials, which combined with the delivery itself, added further value to the training. 

Source Group - tailored C# & ASP.NET MVC Training Programme


Source Group was delighted with the results overall and appreciated the personalised approach from Framework Training, as opposed to something more corporate and sales-orientated.

Ed found peer-to-peer conversations from the outset with Tom especially helpful and it was clear that Framework Training wanted the very best for the delegates and Source Group overall.

They were very impressed with the trainers. Simon delivered a substantial amount of theory effectively, professionally and with no negative feedback, and Owen quickly familiarised himself with the niche elements of their business. He immediately understood the business needs and what they were striving to achieve and offered proactive, pragmatic suggestions and solutions based on former experience.

Ed remarked that one of the delegates described Owen as “… incredibly flexible and dynamic and very open to suggestion. He was happy to allow the sessions to be organic and flow at the team’s pace.”


The delegates have been able to transfer the knowledge and skills learnt from the training and apply this back into their roles at Source Group.

Ed uses his own metric to measure the impact of training — “Is the knowledge imparted in two weeks of training now forgotten about?”, and the result in this case was, no.

He explained, “The team is using the knowledge they’ve learnt and developing software they wouldn't have been able to do before. The output I’m seeing from the team now is purely down to the efficiency and the quality of the training. The proof really is in the pudding!”.

Framework Training has also been pleased to offer ad hoc, informal support going forward as an extension to the training, to allow for any questions or additional help.

The delegates would consider recommending us to others, and Ed would definitely approach Framework Training again for further technical training. “I have no reason to go anywhere else. It is their flexible approach that really sets them apart. It was a great service and I am a very, very happy customer.”

What the delegates said

C# training feedback

"Great course notes; Good examples and a lot of them; Simon went out of his way to be helpful!”
"Good examples and well explained"

ASP.NET MVC training feedback

"Demos were good, good slides and examples that all worked and lots of sample applications”
"The demos were very good. The slide content was good. The examples worked. I loved that there was a lot of practical labs and sample applications”

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Ed Robbin, Head of Analytics & Delivery

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