Scrum Kick-start - Agile Training Course and Coaching

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Scrum Kick-start - Agile Training Course and Coaching

"I engaged with Framework to support a department-wide transition to Agile Development Practices. The Kick-start programme provided training for the larger organisation, hands-on role and tool-specific training and follow-up coaching. The Agile adoption was and continues to be a success. Scrum is now bedded in and we are making full use of JIRA. Framework's expertise and flexibility made this a very positive experience throughout."

Scrum Kick-start - Agile Training Course and Coaching
HR, Head of Housing Products
Capita Housing Products

Scrum Kick-start - Agile Training Course and Coaching

"Framework provided us with Agile Overview sessions and targeted training courses for Product Owners, Scrum Masters and the Development Team. Simon was excellent, the material was well-structured and the content was well received by all. Framework was also engaged to provide Agile mentoring and coaching to ensure the that the transition to Agile was as smooth as possible."

Scrum Kick-start - Agile Training Course and Coaching
CB, Software Development Director
Capita Mortgage Software Solutions

About the course:

A great way to get your first Scrum project on the road

Our tried-and-tested “Scrum Kickstart” programme takes a modular approach to ensure your organisation is ready for its first Scrum project and to support the first Sprint Cycle.

We start with an “Introduction to Scrum” module aimed at preparing the wider organisation (Development Team, Managers, HR, Sales) for the impact of an Agile approach, and the best ways of ensuring success. This is followed by an open-format Q&A session and an opportunity to discuss the issues raised during the intro session.

Role-specific training is subsequently provided to your Scrum Masters and Product Owners which culminates with your Product Owners generating and refining a workable Product Backlog.

We then work towards starting the first Sprint session; helping the Dev Team and Scrum Master to work on Sprint Planning; techniques for successful Stand-ups, and Project-Specific tooling.

We return at the end of the first Period to guide your first Sprint Retrospective, where you can highlight successes and inspect and adapt to any challenges you've faced (and there almost certainly will be challenges!) - so that your next Sprint will be even more successful.

Scrum Coaching

We want your Agile transformation and adoption of Scrum to be as smooth and successful as possible. We are also happy to provide on-the-job Scrum Coaching and Mentoring as a follow-on service, so we can guide and provide a useful Health-check whenever you need it.

Give us a call to discuss your requirements in greater detail - we'll be glad to help craft a programme based around your needs.

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