Work together as a team using Scrum and the best Java tools and platforms.

The Professional Scrum Developer™ (PSD Java) training course for Java Developers, Testers and Architects focuses on getting teams to work together efficiently and with enthusiasm, using modern software engineering practices in conjunction with the best of breed Java development environments, testing tools and frameworks, continuous integration and build automation platforms. All of this is done as iterative incremental development within the Scrum framework.

PSD classes are heavily exercise-driven, with students working in self-organizing teams to develop "done" increments from a realistic product backlog.

As with all courses, the curriculum and materials are standardized and regularly enhanced through contributions from the network of Professional Scrum Trainers.

Only the most qualified instructors with solid, proven implementation experience using Scrum specifically in the context of Agile Java development are selected to deliver the Professional Scrum Developer with Java course.

Each instructor brings his or her individual experiences and areas of expertise to bear, but all students learn the same core course content. This improves students' ability to pass the Professional Scrum Developer assessment and apply Scrum in the real world.

"The tutor was obviously very knowledgeable who encouraged interesting discussions across the group. "

Professional Scrum Master I™ (PSM I) Training Course
KB, Scrum Master

"Thanks! An awesome course with great interactive sessions."

Professional Scrum Master I™ (PSM I) Training Course
VK, Scrum Master

"Very knowledgeable trainer. We enjoyed hearing his war stories!"

Professional Scrum Master I™ (PSM I) Training Course
AS, Scrum Master
Focus Group

"I really enjoyed the course. Looking forward to putting the training into practice."

Professional Scrum Master I™ (PSM I) Training Course
LS, Scrum Master
Red Matter

"The instructor was very engaging and the training valuable to me. Really helped me appreciate the benefits of Scrum practice."

Professional Scrum Master I™ (PSM I) Training Course
IG, Project Manager

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