Advanced Linux Training Course: grep, SED and AWK

take real command of your *nix systems

There are 3 really powerful tools that every Linux / UNIX professional should know: grep, SED, and AWK.

Our grep, SED and AWK Best Practices training course will give you hands-on experience with all three.

grep is accessed via the command-line and is used for querying plain-text data sets using regular expressions.

SED (short for stream editor) is used for parsing and sequentially applying transformations to text.

AWK is a data extraction and reporting tool, controlled by a scripting language for producing formatted reports.

"Framework Training delivered an excellent course that was well-structured and nicely taught. I will recommend to my manager that the other members of our team would really benefit from attending."

Advanced Linux Training Course: grep, SED and AWK
SC, DevOps Consultant

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