Web Services with Ruby on Rails Training Course

Learn to build and consume APIs and Web Services with Ruby on Rails

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Web Services with Ruby on Rails Training Course

"Excellent course - very enjoyable. Great to be able to take away the practical content for post-course study."

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About the course:

Building an API or Web Service on Rails can be one of the quickest and most productive ways of extending the reach of your website, or adding to the functionality of native mobile apps.

The Rails framework has robust, built-in methods for publishing and consuming APIs / Web Services - for instance, you could feature products from your Rails-based online store on your company blog on another server. Even if you don't know what the other server is running, in Ruby it's fairly straight forward to consume and interact with XML and JSON APIs.

In this course you'll learn how to build and consume APIs and Web Services with Ruby on Rails. You'll get to learn the "Rails way" of doing it, as well as how to consume third-party non-Rails APIs.

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