Learn to develop robust Java EE 7 web applications

Our Java Enterprise Edition training course will give Java developers a solid foundation in developing commercial-quality multi-tier applications built on Oracle's Java EE platform.

You will learn how to develop well-optimised applications which utilise JSP, JSF, and EJB3 technologies, and create and consume SOAP and REST web services.

We will also cover creating full-duplex client-server solutions using Web Sockets, develop and deploy message-based solutions with JMS, and data access / persistence using JPA.

"It's definitely helped me, providing the background to the Spring framework. Having a third-party explanation has clarified a few things with me. Richard was very helpful and patient with my initial difficulties in grasping certain concepts. "

Spring Training Course - Spring Framework 4 Development Training
SM, Developer
University of Oxford

"The lab sessions and one-to-one time when needed (small group!) were helpful."

Spring Training Course - Spring Framework 4 Development Training
RB, Developer
University of Oxford

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