Angular Training Course

Learn to build responsive web apps with Angular

Dates & Rates

  • 3rd Jun 2019 - £1995.00
  • 16th Sep 2019 - £1995.00
  • 18th Nov 2019 - £1995.00
  • 3rd Feb 2020 - £1995.00

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4 Days

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Our Angular training course gives web developers an intensive hands-on introduction to hand-coding responsive, high-performance web apps.

We will help you build upon your existing JavaScript skills to the next level with the massively popular framework from Google. If you're coming from another platform such as ASP.NET MVC, Java Spring or PHP / Laravel, you should also fit in nicely.

The course focuses on the latest release (currently Angular 7) and if time allows we'll take a sneak peak at some of the features that look likely to make it into Angular 8 in a month or two.

We're happy to talk about backwards-compatibility, but please note, porting AngularJS (1.x) code to releases is non-trivial as the platforms have quite fundamental differences, so please get in touch about our AngularJS 1.x course if that's the platform you'll be supporting,

"Thoroughly enjoyable experience, a pleasure to attend, great delivery of a well pitched bespoke agile agenda, tailored to our needs. Well done, very impressed. Wish the instructor all the best for the future, maybe see him again some day!"

Angular Training Course
HT, Senior Developer
Spirax Sarco

"The course gave me a good understanding of Angular and associated packages."

Angular Training Course
MB, Developer

"The course was great. The instructor interacted with us all on a personal level whenever needed."

Angular Training Course
MW, Front-end Developer
PCS Publishing

"Probably the best training course I've had the pleasure to go on. Toby was extremely articulate and delivered the course in a clear and precise manner. Toby's knowledge of Angular/JavaScript was very impressive. I've recommended Toby and Framework Training to the rest of my colleagues. "

Angular Training Course
RD, Senior Developer
Spirax Sarco

"The course was very intense with a lot to cover in a few days. But overall the pace was good and was able to keep up."

Angular Training Course
SKK, Software Engineer
MASCO UK Window Group

"I found John's teaching to be concise, clear and easy to follow. The course content was brilliant because it touches on the fundamental and important blocks in Angular. As a .NET desktop developer John made it easy for me to understand and apply Angular concepts in a practical way."

Angular Training Course
FA, Head of Development Team

"The course had a good structure. We liked the informal approach. "

Angular Training Course
MS, Senior Developer
Aon Hewitt

"The Angular training was really very useful and the (excellent) instructor made the entire training programme fun and interactive."

Angular Training Course
SKK, Senior Developer
Spirax Sarco

"The course was interesting and very useful. A great instructor."

Angular Training Course
LB, Senior Developer

"The course content was very good. John had delivered it in a way which was easy to understand, especially for me someone who has never worked on Angular before. I like the way he explained difficult concepts by showing the working examples and exercises. The best thing about the course was the focus on learning theory via hands-on practical examples."

Angular Training Course
SS, Developer
Aon Hewitt

"The team had a great time on the course and we were all really impressed with Toby!"

Angular Training Course
CH, Software Developer
1x2 Network

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