Learn to build responsive web apps with the popular AngularJS framework

Our AngularJS training course is aimed at web developers who want to be able to hand-code high-performance, responsive web applications using Google's AngularJS framework.

Delegates on the AngularJS training course will learn to build Single-Page Applications using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Node.js, JSON, and of course Angular itself.

One of the key principals of AngularJS is that Declarative Programming should be at the core of User Interface development. Also that the manipulation of the DOM should be decoupled from the Application Logic itself. Another core feature is that Testing is just as important as the code development itself.

Please note that we also offer a bang-up-to-date Angular 6 training course - the two versions are sufficiently different that we won't be running "hybrid" training (beware anyone who does!).

Please do let us know if you are interested in both versions (for instance if you need to support existing code, but you're also are starting to develop on the newer framework in parallel) as we would be happy to discuss discounts for attending both courses.

"The course had a good structure. We liked the informal approach. "

Angular Training Course
MS, Senior Developer
Aon Hewitt

"The course content was very good. John had delivered it in a way which was easy to understand, especially for me someone who has never worked on Angular before. I like the way he explained difficult concepts by showing the working examples and exercises. The best thing about the course was the focus on learning theory via hands-on practical examples."

Angular Training Course
SS, Developer
Aon Hewitt

"The course was interesting and very useful. A great instructor."

Angular Training Course
LB, Senior Developer

"The Angular training was really very useful and the (excellent) instructor made the entire training programme fun and interactive."

Angular Training Course
SKK, Senior Developer
Spirax Sarco

"I found John's teaching to be concise, clear and easy to follow. The course content was brilliant because it touches on the fundamental and important blocks in Angular. As a .NET desktop developer John made it easy for me to understand and apply Angular concepts in a practical way."

Angular Training Course
FA, Head of Development Team

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