Build large-scale JavaScript MVC web apps using Backbone.js

Our Backbone.js hands-on training course gives web developers a solid introduction to building robust, Single Page and large-scale web apps using the popular Backbone.js framework.

Incorporating a RESTful JSON interface, the Backbone.js framework uses the Model View Presenter (MVP) design pattern, and despite offering a robust platform for large-scale applications, it is nonetheless known for being lightweight - its only hard dependency is Underscore.js, with the option to add jQuery to make use of the full library.

Backbone not only has you covered for developing Single Page Applications (SPAs), it's a workhorse which can be used to synchronise enterprise servers and multiple clients.

Give us a call to talk about your project requirements and learning goals - we would be happy to put together a tailored training plaqn to meet your team's needs.

"I found John's teaching to be concise, clear and easy to follow. The course content was brilliant because it touches on the fundamental and important blocks in Angular. As a .NET desktop developer John made it easy for me to understand and apply Angular concepts in a practical way."

Angular Training Course
FA, Head of Development Team

"Probably the best training course I've had the pleasure to go on. Toby was extremely articulate and delivered the course in a clear and precise manner. Toby's knowledge of Angular/JavaScript was very impressive. I've recommended Toby and Framework Training to the rest of my colleagues. "

Angular Training Course
RD, Senior Developer
Spirax Sarco

"The course was very intense with a lot to cover in a few days. But overall the pace was good and was able to keep up."

Angular Training Course
SKK, Software Engineer
MASCO UK Window Group

"The course was interesting and very useful. A great instructor."

Angular Training Course
LB, Senior Developer

"The course had a good structure. We liked the informal approach. "

Angular Training Course
MS, Senior Developer
Aon Hewitt

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