Learn to build cutting-edge web apps with the Ember.js framework

Our Ember.js framework training course aims to give web developers an intensive hands-on introduction to building cutting-edge, ambitious web apps using Ember.

Obtainable through npm, Ember.js is a JavaScript library based on the Model-View-Controller design pattern, focussing on giving JavaScript developers the tools to build scalable Single Page Applications (SPAs).

While Angular has a large chunk of the JavaScript MVC SPA mindshare, many major organisations employ Ember for their web presence, and Apple Music even uses it for their desktop client. Corporate backers of the framework include Yahoo and LinkedIn.

"The course was great. The instructor interacted with us all on a personal level whenever needed."

Angular Training Course
MW, Front-end Developer
PCS Publishing

"The course had a good structure. We liked the informal approach. "

Angular Training Course
MS, Senior Developer
Aon Hewitt

"Thoroughly enjoyable experience, a pleasure to attend, great delivery of a well pitched bespoke agile agenda, tailored to our needs. Well done, very impressed. Wish the instructor all the best for the future, maybe see him again some day!"

Angular Training Course
HT, Senior Developer
Spirax Sarco

"The Angular training was really very useful and the (excellent) instructor made the entire training programme fun and interactive."

Angular Training Course
SKK, Senior Developer
Spirax Sarco

"I found John's teaching to be concise, clear and easy to follow. The course content was brilliant because it touches on the fundamental and important blocks in Angular. As a .NET desktop developer John made it easy for me to understand and apply Angular concepts in a practical way."

Angular Training Course
FA, Head of Development Team

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