GraphQL Training Course

Return precise, predictable results in 1 hit using GraphQL and Apollo

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Standard duration: 2 Days

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About the course:

Our instructor-led GraphQL training course explains fundamental concepts and techniques including queries, mutations, subscriptions and constructing schemas. You'll learn how to use GraphQL to fetch data intelligently, describing the shape of the data you want and getting back precisely what you asked for in a single request.

We'll demonstrate how GraphQL addresses the problems of RESTful architectures, and you'll learn to build a front-end client using Apollo and React / Angular, with a back-end GraphQL server using Apollo and Node. These techniques are applicable to other languages and frameworks - let us know about your tech stack and we can customise your course for on-site delivery as a standalone workshop or part of a wider training programme.

Please let us know if you're using a different JS framework (or none at all) as this GraphQL workshop is highly customisable.

GraphQL Training Course

"The JavaScript course was well structure and adapted to my own needs and abilities. I felt comfortable asking questions and requesting more detail when necessary. Many thanks!"

JavaScript Training Course
RP, Junior Developer
Alpha Financial Markets

GraphQL Training Course

"Enjoyed the pace, covered a lot of ground but still made it understandable. Review exercises useful and more fun than the usual business oriented ones."

Modern JavaScript training course with ES6+
Anonymous, Senior Front-end Developer
GIS Mapping Organisation

GraphQL Training Course

"Genuinely an excellent trainer. He was very knowledgeable, enthusiastic and packed a great detail into a short course, whilst keeping the pace managable at the right pace. Thanks."

Modern JavaScript training course with ES6+
SS, Front-end Developer
GIS Mapping Organisation

GraphQL Training Course

"The course was delivered by a very enthusiastic and knowledgeable instructor who was able to draw on his real-world experience during the training."

Modern JavaScript training course with ES6+
MH, Front-end Developer
GIS Mapping Organisation

GraphQL Training Course

"Liked the way we covered basics and moved onto more complex topics, with worked examples. Covered all the topics we needed to. John delivers the course very well and we all could follow easily."

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CJ, Principal Consultant

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