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Standard duration: 4 Days

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19th Oct 2020 - £1995.00
18th Jan 2021 - £1995.00
29th Mar 2021 - £1995.00

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Location: Remote Attendance

About the course:

Our instructor-led Modern JavaScript with ES6 training course explores this unique software development ecosystem in depth.

You will gain a deep-dive into the language and related technologies - you'll gain hands-on experience exploring Scope, Functional Programming, TypeScript, Node, Async programming and Design Patterns for JavaScript.

We'll take you through key ES6 capabilities including arrow functions, destructuring, classes, modules and the spread operator.

It's a great introduction to JavaScript development if you're coming from other languages / technologies such as C# / ASP.NET, Python, Java, PHP - or if you just want to polish up your existing JS web development skills.

This course is updated frequently to reflect this rapidly evolving language.

Modern JavaScript ES6 training course

"I have recently engaged with Framework Training to deliver some jQuery Training in-house. From the initial contact to the design discussions with the trainer…to the delivery of the course I have been extremely impressed. Framework have listened to our requirements and delivered accordingly! All the personnel involved have been engaging and professional and ensured a positive experience all round."

jQuery Training Course
GB, HR Manager
CHP Consulting

Modern JavaScript ES6 training course

"The JavaScript course was well structure and adapted to my own needs and abilities. I felt comfortable asking questions and requesting more detail when necessary. Many thanks!"

JavaScript Training Course
RP, Junior Developer
Alpha Financial Markets

Modern JavaScript ES6 training course

"Genuinely an excellent trainer. He was very knowledgeable, enthusiastic and packed a great detail into a short course, whilst keeping the pace managable at the right pace. Thanks."

ECMAScript 6 Training Course - ES6 Training
SS, Front-end Developer
Ordnance Survey

Modern JavaScript ES6 training course

"Enjoyed the pace, covered a lot of ground but still made it understandable. Review exercises useful and more fun than the usual business oriented ones."

ECMAScript 6 Training Course - ES6 Training
Anonymous, Senior Front-end Developer
Ordnance Survey

Modern JavaScript ES6 training course

"The course was delivered by a very enthusiastic and knowledgeable instructor who was able to draw on his real-world experience during the training."

ECMAScript 6 Training Course - ES6 Training
MH, Front-end Developer
Ordnance Survey

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