React Training Course

Learn to build component-based web applications with Facebook's JavaScript library

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4 Days

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Our React training course is a great way for you to get up to speed with Facebook's React JavaScript library to rapidly create well-structured front-end applications.

This hands-on React workshop is aimed at experienced software developers from a variety of technical backgrounds (for instance JavaScript, ASP.NET Core, Spring, Django...).

You will gain a solid grounding in JavaScript fundamentals, the relevant parts of ES6, functional programming and Typescript with a view to building well-optimised front-end applications.

This is a bring-your-own-device workshop - which means you will leave the React workshop with useful code to reuse in your own projects.

Available for customised on-site delivery as a standalone workshop or part of a wider training programme - let us know if you'd like to discuss bringing a custom React course to your offices.

"Fantastic course and great instructor! Exercises were very well structured"

React Training Course
PD, Software Consultant
Ab Initio

"Liked the way we covered basics and moved onto more complex topics, with worked examples. Covered all the topics we needed to. John delivers the course very well and we all could follow easily."

React Training Course
CJ, Principal Consultant

"Great overall, asolutely no complaints!"

React Training Course
CC, Software Developer

"Instructor had a good teaching style that made it easy to learn."

React Training Course
LM, Front-end developer

"Well structured course - "Best Practices" have been useful"

React Training Course
BS, Developer

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