Vue.js Training Course

Learn to build lightweight, responsive web apps with Vue.js

Our Vue.js training course will take you through the key steps of obtaining, installing, configuring, developing and deploying your first Vue.js web application.

If you're used to developing apps on another platform such as Java Spring, ASP.NET MVC, or Angular, you'll be able to pick Vue up no problem.

The Vue JavaScript framework was brought to life by Evan You, who had previously worked on platforms such as AngularJS at Google. Vue gives you control about what functionality actually gets included, giving you the opportunity to write extremely lightweight web apps and SPAs, right through to much more complex deployments depending on how you configure your project.

If you need to focus on a set of features based on a specific use case or business requirement, or perhaps looking to get your whole team cross-skilled from another platform, give us a call or drop us a line if you would like to discuss a cost-effective and highly relevant custom on-site Vue.js workshop.

"I have recently engaged with Framework Training to deliver some jQuery Training in-house. From the initial contact to the design discussions with the trainer…to the delivery of the course I have been extremely impressed. Framework have listened to our requirements and delivered accordingly! All the personnel involved have been engaging and professional and ensured a positive experience all round."

jQuery Training Course
GB, HR Manager
CHP Consulting

"The JavaScript course was well structure and adapted to my own needs and abilities. I felt comfortable asking questions and requesting more detail when necessary. Many thanks!"

JavaScript Training Course - Build Dynamic JS Web Apps
RP, Junior Developer
Alpha Financial Markets

"The course was delivered by a very enthusiastic and knowledgeable instructor who was able to draw on his real-world experience during the training."

ECMAScript 6 Training Course - ES6 Training
MH, Front-end Developer
Ordnance Survey

"Enjoyed the pace, covered a lot of ground but still made it understandable. Review exercises useful and more fun than the usual business oriented ones."

ECMAScript 6 Training Course - ES6 Training
Anonymous, Senior Front-end Developer
Ordnance Survey

"Genuinely an excellent trainer. He was very knowledgeable, enthusiastic and packed a great detail into a short course, whilst keeping the pace managable at the right pace. Thanks."

ECMAScript 6 Training Course - ES6 Training
SS, Front-end Developer
Ordnance Survey

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