Microsoft .NET Training Courses

.NET development courses available in London and for custom in-house delivery

Microsoft .NET Training Courses

Microsoft's .NET family continues to grow. Since its first appearance in the wild, the .NET Framework has been tuned, strengthened, and expanded into a flexible and scalable collection of tools, platforms and languages which can cope with pretty much any type of software development problem you want to throw at it; from lightweight modern web apps, to functional parallel / distributed computation...there will no doubt be an aspect of the .NET framework that’s ideal to help with your business challenge.

Not only that, but Microsoft has open-sourced large chunks of its code base, providing cross-platform libraries and editors can build an ASP.NET Core Microservice on your Macbook and deploy it to the Linux cluster running on your Google Cloud Platform.

.NET Training Courses in London

Framework Training offers a comprehensive range of open, public scheduled .NET training courses in London, aimed at bringing developers up to speed with key .NET technologies, advanced development techniques, and the latest updates to the .NET family. You'll be invited to bring your own laptop along so you can gain hands-on experience in a familiar environment.

On-site / in-house .NET Training

All of these courses are also available for customisation & on-site delivery too. We can combine appropriate topics from a number of courses to build the perfect course for you. Want to get a refresher on the latest .NET new features and then take a deep dive into test-driven development with Visual Studio? No problem! Want a C# course that also fills your knowledge gap on Entity Framework? Sure thing!

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