C# .NET Core Programming Training Course

Learn to develop .NET Core applications using C# & Visual Studio 2019

C# .NET Core Programming Training Course

Our .NET Core training course is ideal for customised on-site / remote delivery, offering a menu from which you can pick the most relevant topics for your project requirements. You'll be guided through relevant and comprehensive hands-on practicals by an expert instructor.

Our aim is to help you learn all you need to develop well-written, readable, maintainable and efficient C# applications for the Microsoft .NET Core platform.

This is a "Bring Your Own Device" course, and the many hands-on exercises are designed to work with Visual Studio 2019 Community Edition or above. We will provide useful, relevant practical examples reflecting real-world scenarios. We can customise these to bring further relevancy to your learning experience.

"Richard was a great instructor, thanks so much for your efforts! I'm so much more confident with Visual Studio and C# coding."

.NET Programming with C# Training Course
SO, Software Engineer
UTC Aerospace

"Many thanks. I got a lot a value from the sessions. Having one-to-one personalised training was definitely much better for me tha being part of a larger group."

.NET Programming with C# Training Course
PG, Software Engineer
Millenium Capital Partners

"Having a small class size meant plenty of opportunity to talk about my particular issues with .NET and C#. The instructor was able to explain everything extremely well. His efforts were much appreciated – I learned a huge amount during the course."

.NET Programming with C# Training Course
SP, Web Developer
Charity Commission

"The course was very helpful. Much more confident in implementing MVC in our future projects."

ASP.NET Core 3 MVC Training Course
Anonymous, Developer
Data Interchange

"Overall gave a good foundation for what ASP.Net Core is and how it works. Instructor was very friendly and happy to answer questions."

ASP.NET Core 3 MVC Training Course
TK, Lead Software Engineer
MMR Research WorldWide

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