.NET Programming with C# Training Course

Learn to develop commercial-quality .NET apps using C#

Our .NET Programming with C# Training Course is aimed at developers who are new to the .NET Framework, who need to get up to speed quickly with C# language fundamentals - to understand and use effectively the core .NET functionality.

The hands-on labs reflect useful real-world scenarios and Best Practices. The course covers the fundamentals of the C# 7 language and features extensive hands-on exercises with Visual Studio 2017 (VS2017).

By the end of the course you will be able to create data-driven applications in C#, and use your knowledge as a basis for going on to specialise in the development of Windows GUI apps (Win Forms, WPF, Windows Universal Apps), Web Applications in ASP.NET Core MVC, WCF Adapters / Azure Cloud Services and other .NET disciplines.

Bring your own device

The .NET with C# training course is designed to work with Visual Studio 2017 Community edition. It's easy to obtain and free to use. We highly recommend that you bring your own machine along to the course for the hands-on exercises and labs - you'll be working in a familiar environment and it's a heck of a lot easier to take away all the code you've worked on, for further study or even to kick-start your next .NET project. There's free Wi-Fi so you can explore external resources too.

By the end of this course, you will have learnt:

  • .NET Framework Fundamentals
  • Core C# Language Features
  • Core C# Programming Constructs
  • Getting around in Visual Studio 2017
  • OOP, Inheritance and Interfaces
  • Delegates, Events and Lambda Expressions
  • LINQ
  • Entity Framework
  • Lots more...

Who should attend

Our intro to C# .net training course is aimed at anyone who needs to understand the fundamental principles of .NET programming with C#, in order to be able to then go on to develop commercial Windows, Web (ASP.NET / MVC), server-side or other Microsoft-based solutions (such as BizTalk or SharePoint). The course is well suited to experienced developers coming from backgrounds such as JavaScript, PHP, or Java.


Delegates should be comfortable with programming essentials, but no previous Object Oriented Programming experience is assumed (although some OOP experience would certainly be helpful)


If you are looking for custom / on-site C# / .NET Framework training, please get in touch as the course is modular and allows you to really focus on the specific topics most relevant to your projects (and perhaps bring in topics from other courses such as ASP.NET Core / MVC, WPF, or Visual Studio Team Services).

If you need to focus your energies on supporting previous versions (older Visual Studio / ,NET Framework etc) please let us know as portions of the course will still be applicable; alternatively we are happy to discuss custom on-site .NET training (from 1-to-1 training up to large teams) to meet your specidfproject requirements

Introduction to C# and .NET

  • .NET Framework building blocks
  • Hello world in C#
  • Using Visual Studio 2017
  • Fun with the Command Line Runtime
  • Creating your first .NET application

Core C# Language Features

  • Language essentials
  • Operators
  • Conditional statements
  • C# 7 pattern matching
  • Loops

Defining Types

  • Essential concepts
  • Classes, objects, and arrays
  • Value types
  • Nullable types

Defining Members

  • A closer look at parameters
  • C# 7 enhancements
  • Construction and destruction
  • Properties

Going Further with Types and Members

  • Static members
  • Operators
  • Partial types
  • Partial methods

Inheritance and Interfaces

  • Inheritance
  • Additional inheritance techniques
  • Interfaces
  • Object disposal
  • Additional interface techniques

Delegates, Events, and Lambda Expressions

  • Delegates
  • Anonymous methods and lambdas
  • Expression-bodied members
  • EventsC#6 Language
  • Features

Using .NET Framework APIs

  • Exception handling
  • Collections
  • Regular expressions

Generics in C#

  • Getting started with generics
  • A closer look at generics
  • Generic structs, delegates, interfaces
  • Generic methods

File Handling & Serialisation

  • Accessing the File System
  • Using Files Streams
  • Data Contract Serialisation

Additional C# Language Features

  • Tuples
  • Initialization
  • Anonymous types
  • Extension methods

LINQ to Objects

  • Introduction to LINQ
  • Using LINQ with arrays
  • Using LINQ with collections
  • LINQ techniques

Entity Framework

  • Introduction to the Entity Framework
  • Creating a simple entity data model
  • Using entities in an application
  • EF techniques
  • Using the Entity Client API
  • Creating a full entity data model

Additional / Appendix Topics

These topics will be included if time permits during class, or can be considered for inclusion in a custom On-Site .NET training course for your team or individual:

Overview of ASP.NET Core MVC

  • Introduction to ASP.NET MVC
  • Understanding controllers
  • Understanding view

Parallelization and Asynchronous Methods

  • Parallelization
  • Async methods

Dynamic Programming

  • Using the dynamic keyword
  • Dynamic Language Runtime (DLR)

Assemblies and Deployment

  • Understanding assemblies
  • Deploying private assemblies
  • Deploying shared assemblies
  • Understanding WinMD files

Reflection & Metadata

  • Reflection
  • Late binding
  • Assembly metadata
  • Using CodeDom

Entity Framework - Going Further with Mapping

  • Mapping scenarios
  • Table Per Hierarchy (TPH)
  • Table Per Type (TPT)
  • Table Per Concrete Type (TPC)

Monitoring and Debugging Applications

  • Working with application processes
  • Managing application performance
  • Windows event log

Debugging and tracing applications

  • Working with application processes
  • Managing application performance
  • Windows event log
  • Debugging and tracing applications

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