MVVM / Prism Training Course

Improve your WPF User Interface development lifecycle with MVVM and Prism

MVVM / Prism Training Course

Our instructor-led MVVM & Prism training course is aimed at existing WPF / .NET developers who are looking for ways to improve the User Interface development lifecycle. The course includes hands-on exercises with Visual Studio 2012.

Building upon Windows Presentation Foundation, Microsoft's MVVM / Prism decouples the View from the Model - that is, the Interface from the Data and Business Logic.

One of the key benefits of this pattern is that designers can do their thing with the layout, look and feel of the application, while programmers and developers can concentrate on creating the underlying application architecture.

Implementing MVVM / Prism with WPF also allows for a more agile approach to development, as by separating Views, Models, and ViewModels, developers can utilise Unit Testing / Test-Driven-Development practices to continually verify the quality and functionality of the underlying code, before it has been tied to the User Interface.

"Many thanks. I got a lot a value from the sessions. Having one-to-one personalised training was definitely much better for me tha being part of a larger group."

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PG, Software Engineer
Millenium Capital Partners

"Richard was a great instructor, thanks so much for your efforts! I'm so much more confident with Visual Studio and C# coding."

.NET Programming with C# Training Course
SO, Software Engineer
UTC Aerospace

"Having a small class size meant plenty of opportunity to talk about my particular issues with .NET and C#. The instructor was able to explain everything extremely well. His efforts were much appreciated – I learned a huge amount during the course."

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SP, Web Developer
Charity Commission

"The examples and labs were easy to follow. Many thanks!"

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SW, Software Engineer

"Very informative course. Instructor was great!"

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RR, Developer
Anglia Ruskin University

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