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jquery mobile training course jQ mobile logoThe jQuery Mobile framework is a mainstay of many HTML-based mobile projects. With constantly improving support across all the key mobile platforms / browsers - on iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone - jQuery offers developers the benefits of creating classy UI controls for touch interfaces, without having to write platform-specific code, potentially reducing coding time significantly.

Our jQuery Mobile training course lays bare the core functionality and highlights so you can get up to speed customising and integrating your own jQuery Mobile implementation into your mobile web apps. Our course features lots of hands-on exercises and is delivered by our expert web andamp; mobile development instructors.

"This was a genuinely advanced course that was focused on my project goals. The requirements gathering and tailoring process was well organised and smooth."

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IN, Android Developer

"Lots of practical exercises made learning much easier and less boring. "

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"Very good explanations, approachable instructor. Well thought out content."

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"Overall a very good course. "

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