PhoneGap and Cordova Training Course

Our hands-on PhoneGap course will give you the skills to create engaging, rich mobile apps using the open-source PhoneGap framework to build the vast majority of your application once, and deploy to iOS and Android with minimum fuss.

Apache Cordova and PhoneGap provide this capability using a combination of HTML, CSS and JavaScript - and it's therefore a very accessible route for web developers to start deploying apps to mobile devices.

"This was a genuinely advanced course that was focused on my project goals. The requirements gathering and tailoring process was well organised and smooth."

Advanced Android App Development Training Course
IN, Android Developer

"Lots of practical exercises made learning much easier and less boring. "

iOS App Development Training Course with Swift
SP, Mobile Developer

"Overall a very good course. "

iOS App Development Training Course with Swift
CS, App Developer
OAG Worldwide

"Very good explanations, approachable instructor. Well thought out content."

iOS App Development Training Course with Swift
AV, Mobile Developer
Leica Geosystems

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