Sharpen your C++ skills

The hands-on Advanced C++ Programming course course is intended to teach existing C++ programmers more about the language and to implement Best Practices and expert techniques in order to build better, more robust C++ software.

The course will be valuable to C++ developers working across all platforms - please let us know your preference of C++ IDE and we'll try and accommodate you accordingly during the course.

You will also get a good introduction to the most important C++11 new features.

The Advanced C++ course is divided into four sections:

C++ Language Best Practices

This section examines various C++ language areas that people may not know in detail, and common scenarios which cause confusion about exactly how things work. This introduction gives students a solid foundation for the rest of the course.

C++ Templates

This section gives students a deep dive into getting the most out of Templates. While course delegates may be familiar with C++ templates, it is likely there are facets and powerful features that aren't being used to their full, and as a cornerstone of modern C++ development (and indeed the rest of the course) we will be going into some solid detail in this area.

C++ Idioms and Design Patterns

The unique features of C++ (specifically Manual Memory Management and Templates) present challenges to the programmer, and also provide ways to overcome them. This section looks at a number of key idioms and patterns, showing how best they can be implemented in C++.

Standard C++ Libraries and Boost C++ Libraries

The final section looks at really getting under the bonnet of the C++ Standard Library and also making the best use of the Boost C++ libraries, examining the productivity and code quality improvements that can be made.

If you are interested in custom / on-site C++ 11 / Boost Libraries training for any size of team, please get in touch - we would be glad to help build a course that meets your learning requirements.

We can take into account your existing technical skills, project requirements and timeframes, and specific topics of interest to tailor the most relevant and focussed course for you.

This can be particularly useful if you need to learn just the new features and Best Practices with C++ and the Boost libraries, or need to include extra topics to help with pre-requisite skills.

"The instructor went into great detail of the language (Python) and his amazing understanding of other languages made for great contrasting examples which made it easy to understand."

Python Training Course
Anonymous, Senior Test Analyst

"We were given plenty of opportunity to write and discuss code during the course which meant we were learning the theory via hands-on practical work. This is definitely my favoured way of learning!"

Python Training Course
CC, Developer
Winton Capital

"I have no background in programming but learned a lot of very useful information in the course. The expertise and patience of the instructor was clear."

Python Training Course
TW, Data Scientist
Stat Core

"The data sets and examples used during the course were useful and relevant."

Python Training Course
DS, Developer
Winton Capital

"I really appreciated the deep technical knowledge of instructor, it enabled him to tailor the course to match what we are doing in our projects."

Python Training Course
WC, Developer
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