Learn to code with Clojure

Clojure Functional Programming Logo IconOver the past couple of years functional programming has become a topic of great interest in the development world. Like object-oriented programming, a topic that was once purely academic has been found to have great practical application.

Clojure is a modern functional programming language. It uses Lisp syntax, and runs on the JVM, which gives access to all the libraries available on the Java platform.

This course will introduce you to writing functional code, and you will discover how to write elegant and expressive code in Clojure!

"We were given plenty of opportunity to write and discuss code during the course which meant we were learning the theory via hands-on practical work. This is definitely my favoured way of learning!"

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CC, Developer
Winton Capital

"Very, very useful course! It has explained OO programming in a way no other course has! I would highly recommend it. I feel I have learnt a huge amount that I will take forward into the future, thank you. "

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MH, Geospatial Software Engineer
UK GIS Specialist - name withheld

"The content was useful and the course was delivered at a good level of difficulty."

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SH, Developer
Winton Capital

"The tutor was very good. He definitely knows his stuff!"

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Anonymous, Test Analyst

"I have no background in programming but learned a lot of very useful information in the course. The expertise and patience of the instructor was clear."

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TW, Data Scientist
Stat Core

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